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Mortgage Calculators [ Blog ]

Repayment Calculator

Determine fortnightly or monthly repayments based on borrowing amount and other attributes.

Advanced Calculator

Determine fortnightly or monthly repayments with advanced graphing returned

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Calculate an approximate value that might be paid in LMI based on your borrowing criteria and LVR.

Guarantor Calculator

The Guarantor calculator determines the liability of a guarantor. Indication only.

Postcode Risk Calculator

Determine if your postcode is considered 'at risk', potentially impacting on your borrowing.

Basic LVR Calculator

This calculator assists with determining basic LVR, or Loan to Value.calculations.

Debt-to-Income Calculator

A DTI is a means for lenders to measure your income against your aggregated debt.

Basic Repayment Calculator

Determine fortnightly or monthly repayments based on borrowing amount and other attributes.

Borrowing Power Calculator

The calculator provides an estimate of your borrowing power based on various attributes.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Determine fortnightly or monthly repayments based on borrowing amount and other attributes.

Lump Sum Repayments

Estimate how much time and interest you can save if you make a lump sum repayment.

Mortgage Switch Calculator

Calculate potential savings that might be made by switching from one mortgage to another.

Property Buying Cost

This calculator helps you estimate all the costs associated with buying a property.

Property Selling Costs

This calculator help you estimate all the costs associated with selling a property. Estimations only.

Renting Versus Buying

Explore the potential benefit of either renting or buying a property over time.

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Determine the costs involved in a Reverse Mortgage. Very rough estimates are returned.

Savings Calculator

This calculator calculates the total accumulation in a savings account with a regular deposit arrangement.

Savings Goal Calculator

Calculates how much you will need to deposit on a regular basis to reach your savings goal.

Split Loan Calculator

Potential benefits of splitting a home loan into fixed and variable rate portions.

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner may help determine your income, expenses, and your financial position.

Comparison Rates

Helps you to find the comparison rate of a loan and resolve actual costs.

Compound Interest

Helps you understand how compounding can affect your savings and actual annual return.

Credit Card Calculator

Helps you estimate savings if you repay more than your minimum monthly repayment.

Extra Repayments Calculator

Savings potentially make by making regular additional repayments into your loan.

Fortnight Repayments

Helps understand potential savings that might be made by making weekly or fortnightly.

Home Loan Offsets

Estimate how much interest and loan term you can save by utilising a Home Loan Offset Account.

How Long to Repay?

Helps you find out how long it would take to repay a loan by paying different amounts.

How Long To Save?

How long it will take to reach a saving goal, based on a saving account.

Income Annualisation

Determine borrowers' annual income from income that has been accruing for under a full year

Income Gross Up

Calculates gross income based on net income, using ATO's personal income tax rates and thresholds.

Income Tax Calculator

Calculate a simple income tax liability based on the ATO's personal rates and thresholds.

Interest Only Mortgage

regular repayments during and after interest only period will be based on your loan amount.

Introductory Rates

Helps you find out whether you’re actually saving money with your honeymoon home loan

Leasing Calculator

Calculate how much your lease will cost you in total interest over the length of the term.

Loan Comparison

Compare any two loans on the market for a direct cost comparison. Estimate only.