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How Do I Set Up a Self-Managed Super Fund?

As mortgage professions, we deal with the mortgage products associated with your trust borrowing for your Self-Managed Super Fund – we are not licenced to set up the fund for you, and we do not managed the fund in any way. In most cases a financial planner will assist with establishing and maintaining the fund, and some accountants also specialise in the field. We have a number of trusted colleagues that we’ve dealt with in the past and we’d be happy to refer you onto somebody we know consistently delivers excellent results.

Australian Taxation Office SMSF Video Series

The Australian Tax Office has produced a number of videos that’ll assist you with wrapping your head around the complexities of maintaining a SMSF, and those videos are linked to below (clicking will launch a video).

  Thinking about an Self-Managed Super Fund?

  Setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund

  Self-Managed Super Fund Investments

  Contributions and Payments

  Administration and Wind Up

If you would like a referral to a known and trusted individual, please let us know.

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