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What is a Credit Guide?

An Australian Credit Guide is a document that provides information on the rights and responsibilities of consumers and credit providers in Australia. It is typically provided to consumers by credit providers, such as banks, Credit Licence Holders, brokers, and other financial institutions, when they apply for credit or enter into a credit contract.

The Credit Guide includes information on the credit provider’s obligations, the consumer’s rights and obligations, and the process for resolving disputes. It also includes information on the credit provider’s fees and charges, and any potential risks associated with the credit product.

The Credit Guide is an important tool for consumers, as it helps them understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to credit. It also helps them make informed decisions about whether to apply for credit and which credit provider to choose.

In Australia, credit providers are required by law to provide a Credit Guide to consumers when they apply for credit or enter into a credit contract. This ensures that consumers have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about credit, and helps to protect them from unfair or predatory lending practices.

In summary, a credit guide provides preliminary information about you to a consumer. The time at which you will receive a credit guide will depend on what type of enquiry you make, but you can expect to receive a copy early in our discussions, and always before we engage in credit activities.

You will find our credit guide on various pages of our website, but it is linked on every page in the footer for easy access.

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