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What Are Mortgage Managers?

A mortgage manager is a type of mortgage broker that usually sources wholesale funds and packages their own products. Mortgage managers are mortgage specialists who organise funding for ordinary home buyers and property investors. However, they are also responsible and fully accountable for arranging the funds for your loan and the ongoing, prudent management through each phase of the life of your loan.

A mortgage manager might be considered a third-tier lender, but they’ll source their funds from any number of sources. As a group that often deals with niche products, such as Self-Managed Super borrowing, or perhaps Self-Employed Home Loans, brokers will often work with Mortgage (Money) Managers, and because the ‘markup’ applied to the funds is managed at a level that isn’t comprised by bureaucracy,m red tape, or big-bank policies, the product rate and conditions can often be tailored specifically to your circumstances.

Mortgage managers usually operate small businesses, but the manager will have a wholesale connection to the lender, so decisions and funding are usually delivered faster than larger banks. A Mortgage managers provide a wide variety of home loan products for all kinds of different properties. The type of product crafted by a mortgage manager is often more flexible than the products supplied by the supplier of the funds, although since they have their own oversight of the product and set their own risk standards, rates are usually higher..

A mortgage manager is usually a suitable source of product options only when other options aren’t available, or when funds aren’t made available via the large number of tiered lenders that specialise in ‘difficult’ borrowing.

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